WordMite is a word scramble game that begins by presenting you with a seven-letter word with the letters scrambled, this shows at bottom of Yellow square. You start the game by choosing Timed or Untimed play.

You type in your word guesses in top box in yellow square and touch/click "Try It". If that is one of the words, it will populate on the left in the word slots. If not, but it is still a word built with the seven letters it will show beside the word slots. If you complete the game you will receive bonus points for those words.

Depending on word options for those letters you can build 6,5,4 and 3 letter words to fill in the word slots on the left. When you build a word that isn't on the left you will get a bonus for that word and it will show beside the word slots. There is a limit to bonus words you can build.

You win with all word slots filled in, including the seven-letter word. There are no bonus words for the seven-letter word so you must build the right seven letter word for the seven letter slot. Once all word slots are filled in you win, and the total score will show.

Extra bonus points for timed play.

"Reload Words" starts over. "Quit" shows the words for the word slots. "Mix It Up" re-scrambles the seven-letters. Timed play will start at a time limit based on number of word slots and count up.Restart reloads game or click in upper lft on the word WORDMITE. Help will drop down this help page and Close will close it.

Have Fun!

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