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A Look Into The Not Too Distant Future

What is this strange device?

Within the next few years, we will see an exponential growth in micro touch screen devices that can be unfolded from 3x6 to 12x6 (and other sizes) to form a touch screen. These 

cell laptop

devices will have no hard drive, no CD/DVD, no memory other than an ultra-thin EPROM, and no external ports. The EPROM will have a Linux flavor distribution on it that will get 

SpongeBob and the Semantic Web

Concept mapping

When talking about the Semantic Web there are a few premises one must acknowledge. One premise is that any data exchange on the internet is originally initiated by a human. There is no information retrieval without a request for that information and that request can be directly tied to a human request for the information. This is true with 

semantic web

National Registry Of WI-FI Connections

There are many cyber threats that we face in today's ever evolving internet. One of those threats, that has not received a lot of attention, is the growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots that millions of cell phones connect to daily.

Twitter is fighting back

Twitter seems to have taken on a more responsive role in its recent actions by implementing a verification step for Tor users (Tor allows its users to anonymously communicate over the internet) in

twitter fights back

The ghosts of bugs past

Recently the team at Qualys uncovered an exploitable Library in (glibc) by using a buffer overflow (CVE-2015-0235). There are some limitations on the vulnerability in that only a limited number of characters can be written back to the calling function, but they did successfully create and execute an exploit against an Exim mail server.

ghost vulnerability


Linear Encryption Program


Do you carry passwords or sensitive information around on a portable device?

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Claudo-Clam© Linear Encryption Program is a password file protection method that ensures your password file is protected.
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Memphis Business Journal

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 12:26
Meagan Nichols
Lead-based paint, mold, asbestos, soil and groundwater testing, regulatory compliance, site assessments: That’s a lot of “earthy” jargon, but it impacts every sector and business. With a team of scientists, engineers and technicians at the ready, Tioga Environmental Consultants handles it all, from single-family home inspections to massive commercial developments. Margaret “Maggie” Strom and Larkin Myers are the women at the helm of Tioga — a reference Tioga County Pennsylvania, where…

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 10:10
Ed Arnold
A Tennessee-backed settlement with the nation's three largest credit reporting agencies should make fixing errors on consumer reports easier. The deal between the credit reporting services Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and 31 states — including Tennessee — was announced last week by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. The deal calls for the trio to pay $6 million to participating states, but, more importantly, they have agreed to fix disputed information on credit reports more quickly, wait…

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 09:44
Michael Sheffield
Two furniture manufacturers are bringing a combined 300 jobs to Mississippi. Pride Mobility Corp., which manufactures mobility chairs and scooters, is investing $2 million in a new facility in Pontotoc, creating 150 jobs. At the same time, Emerald Home Furnishings is building a new facility in New Albany. That project will also have a $2 million investment and create 150 jobs. “We at Pride Mobility Products are proud to become a part of the Pontotoc community as a manufacturer within both the…

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 04:01
The Tennessee Department of Transportation has announced its plans for the I-55 Bridge. On Wednesday, TDOT announced its early plans for reconstruction of the interchange of I-55 and E.H. Crumb Boulevard. The project will eventually lead the full closure of the I-55 / Harahan Bridge for nine months, if estimates are correct. The full bridge closure will not begin until the spring of 2017 “There is simply not enough space to rebuild this interchange, preserve the French Fort neighborhood, and…

Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 04:01
U.S. Senator from Tennessee Lamar Alexander will be in Jackson Friday for an education roundtable. Alexander, who is Senate Education Committee chairman, has been discussing student loans, the overall cost of education and the complex college student loan application process as part of his recently introduced Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act. Last week, Alexander held a hearing proposing universities and colleges share the risk of student loans with taxpayers and students. The…

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