Jim Atkins "thedosmann" Bio

Jim Atkins, thedosmann, is a website programmer who started programming in the early 90's. He has worked professionally as a Manager of Technical Services, Website developer, hosting provider, and consultant since 1995.

The number of programs and operating systems he has worked with are numerous. He started with Dos and has worked with every Microsoft operating system up to Windows 10. He has worked with several Network and Internet server systems, virus, firewall, monitoring applications, and various company work productivity and accounting software.

Mr Atkins has been guest speaker for computer and Internet related subjects at Mid-South venues and a consultant to a number of major Memphis area companies and organizations.

During his career Mr Atkins has worked with many coding platforms but primarily centered his work around open source platforms. He has worked with structured Content Management Systems such as Mango, Joomla, and, within the last few years, Drupal.

Along with several websites Mr. Atkins has also published several stand-alone Javascript based programs for both mobile and Internet application. Coupled with Internet programming Mr. Atkins has also created applications using MS Access, Foxpro, and a long list of other computer coding elements. Even though he has coded stand-alone programs; the majority of his work has been in integrating, configuring, adapting, modifying, and adding to, existing code in a number of coding languages.

Mr Atkins has extensive experience on the hardware and networking side of computing also. Combined with work as a manager of 6 hardware technicians and several programmers he also held a position as a board level laptop repair and testing technician.  

Mr Atkins is Owner / Programmer of Memphis Web Programming.