Have a job for a local programmer

Do you have a job, project, or position open for a programmer in the Memphis or Mid-South area? Maybe you have several open positions and each position has different requirements. Create a job listing for each position by creating an article for each one. Perhaps you have several projects; just create an article for each project listing the separate qualifications and project scopes of each one.

By first creating a public profile of your company as the group and then creating a list of open positions or jobs as separate articles you can be sure to get the right programmer for the job. In the group content page (the first page you create when you create the group) you can generically list the open positions and ask the user to join the group to get more information. The postings or articles you create can be private so the individual responding has to be a registered user and you have to approve them joining. You have control over who is applying for the job. It can greatly cut down on spam replies to job openings and at the same time your public group content is available by everyone across the web.

Another option is to simply create a group with all the information in it and make it public so anyone can apply.

If you have a one time project you can get bids by using this same process either public or private, it's up to you. Because we target the Memphis and Mid-South area you can be sure your job or project listing will get local exposure. Memphis companies and project managers looking for Memphis web programmers will get introduced to local web programming talent.

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