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Windows 11 - privacy exploits

Just Installed Windows 11

No new revelations yet. But I must mention, it seems MS is giving advertising carte blanche.This is but a glimpse of 2022. Extreme intrusions in our everyday life by some company wanting our attention and trying everything to gain access to our very thoughts, your next big decision, where you are located. We find it funny when a commercial comes on and talks about what we were discussing or another type of intrusion, that follows what you spend money on and graphs your buying habits. This is happening now and we just grin and think how odd. 

USPS tracking discovered


USPS tracking discovered. The code of your message notice is an ID, attached at the front of a message/text from USPS. The number/ ID is becoming more methodical in its tallies. Yes, they are tallies. As those digits change, there is an indication of either a counting (Accounting) or a timer. As the numbers turn, message by message, the digits to the left start freezing. As the numbers to the left start gaining a greater number of digits it becomes more of a countdown, till all digits stop. Are triggers in number movement tied to a specific total, or position of digits? Finding number patterns might reveal the connection between other related elements. And, with concentrated effort, what those elements are.


Jim Atkins

Website Push Notifications

push notifications

Another name for push notifications is just pushy.



customer service

40 years in customer service positions, ranging from sales, management, and various retail industries like restaurant, technical, and wholesale occupations have trained me in the knowledge of what customer service is.

The Face of "2020"

NYT- Technology


  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - 06:02 (Hamish Hector)

    If you’re on Android and starting to feel a bit jealous of all the Apple Intelligence hype then you should know that Google Gemini is making its way to more Android phones via the Google Messages app.

    Using a compatible device you’ll be able to talk with Gemini, and use it just like you would any other chatbot like ChatGPT. You can draft messages, brainstorm plans, and ask questions about anything and everything – all from within your messages app.

    Previously, Google Gemini’s Messages assistance was limited to a select few smartphones. Namely Google Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and Pixel 8 phones, or Samsung Galaxy S22 and later devices – including Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold models.

    These restrictions have now been scaled back to include any Android device running the latest version of Google Messages provided the phone has at least 6GB of RAM, and RCS messages are turned on. 

    A few more hoops to jump through

    A silhouette of a woman holding a smartphone with the Google Gemini logo in the background

    (Image credit: Shutterstock)

    You’ll also need to meet a few extra criteria that go beyond regular phone specs. You have to log into Messages using a personal account that isn’t managed by Family Link or a Google Workspace account; you need to be 18 or older, and be living in a country where the feature is available. Last but not least, your phone’s language must be set to English – though in Canada French will also work.

    With all those hoops jumped through you’ll be able to enjoy Gemini’s assistance from within Messages.

    To talk to Gemini simply press the Start Chat button and you should then see the option to talk to the bot at the top of the screen. If you’ve already started a Messages conversation with Gemini you pick things up where you left off from that message chain.

    Just note that, as the app warns you your RCS chats with Gemini are not encrypted, and – as is the case for all AI – you may be sent back inaccurate information.

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