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Windows 11 - privacy exploits

Just Installed Windows 11

No new revelations yet. But I must mention, it seems MS is giving advertising carte blanche.This is but a glimpse of 2022. Extreme intrusions in our everyday life by some company wanting our attention and trying everything to gain access to our very thoughts, your next big decision, where you are located. We find it funny when a commercial comes on and talks about what we were discussing or another type of intrusion, that follows what you spend money on and graphs your buying habits. This is happening now and we just grin and think how odd. 

USPS tracking discovered


USPS tracking discovered. The code of your message notice is an ID, attached at the front of a message/text from USPS. The number/ ID is becoming more methodical in its tallies. Yes, they are tallies. As those digits change, there is an indication of either a counting (Accounting) or a timer. As the numbers turn, message by message, the digits to the left start freezing. As the numbers to the left start gaining a greater number of digits it becomes more of a countdown, till all digits stop. Are triggers in number movement tied to a specific total, or position of digits? Finding number patterns might reveal the connection between other related elements. And, with concentrated effort, what those elements are.


Jim Atkins

Website Push Notifications

push notifications

Another name for push notifications is just pushy.



customer service

40 years in customer service positions, ranging from sales, management, and various retail industries like restaurant, technical, and wholesale occupations have trained me in the knowledge of what customer service is.

The Face of "2020"

NYT- Technology


  • Friday, March 24, 2023 - 09:22 (Muskaan Saxena)

    Microsoft has pushed hard and fast to get the ‘new and improved’ AI-powered Bing out there to consumers and it seems like all that hard work and (light badgering of users) may have paid off. As of now, it seems Bing is gaining new users while Google is seeing a small drop.

    According to Reuters, Microsoft is seeing an increase of about 16% in page visits since Bing launched its ChatGPT-powered ‘new Bing’ experience. Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that it has now reached an estimated 100 million active users and that number is likely to continue in an upward momentum as more people get comfortable - or at least cautiously acquainted - with AI chatbots. 

    Microsoft launched the enhanced Bing in early February and has since then seen a 15.8% boost in page visits according to the data, which could suggest a sliver of success in Microsofts painstaking journey trying to pull users away from Google and its absolute dominance in the search engine sphere.

    Analysis: We don't need to take Google out behind the barn just yet

    Reuters points out that the drop in Google’s numbers is about 1% for the same time period and that’s obviously not a massive hit, but it does represent a significant number of people given Google's huge popularity. We can see this trend in terms of mobile downloads as well, with the Bing app seeing eight times more downloads compared to pre-GPT times, while Google's dropped by 2%.

    We can see from this that there is a slow, small shift between the two search engines' normal dynamics, though we won’t be rushing to call it the ‘death of Google’ anytime soon. Microsoft is enjoying this newfound interest in its product (a refreshing change from its annoying, almost pathetic banners in the Edge browser demanding you not download Chrome) and it’s seen its own string of issues with Bing AI before reaching its current level of popularity. So, it's safe to say Google might have to go through these AI-related speed bumps too before it catches up.

    Regardless, Google hasn’t taken things lying down! The company has just launched Bard, its own AI chatbot, and has big plans to integrate it with other products like Google Workspaces. Bard did pretty well in our first hands-on with the product upon launch and will hopefully rise to the occasion to find its footing in the AI world. 

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