Jim Atkins "thedosmann" Bio

JIM IS A PROGRAMMER AND TECHNICAL CONSULTANT who’s worked as a manager of technical services, website developer, hosting provider, consultant, network administrator and IT director. He’s mastered every Microsoft operating system up to Windows 10, as well as network and internet server systems, virus, firewall, monitoring applications, and various company work productivity and accounting software.

Jim has received in-depth instruction in Cyber-Security and has expertise in open source platforms and Content Management Systems such as Mango, Joomla and Drupal. He has published several stand-alone JavaScript based programs for both mobile and internet application and created applications using MS Access and FoxPro to name a few.

Jim has been a guest speaker for computer and internet related subjects at Mid-South venues and consulted with major Memphis area companies and organizations.


Mr Atkins is Owner / Programmer of Memphis Web Programming.

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