Keep a close eye on Node.js

There have been rumors that a few major platforms are leaning away from MySql. The reasoning is that the MySql engine is not adapting well to the new polyglot of programming being used as front-end programmers are adapting to new technology. Not to be a Java basher but it holds a lot of the blame for the communication persistence issues.

I admit I have never liked programming in Java. It's kind of like talking to your teenagers, you have to tell it over and over what you want it to do and then support it with a mountain of evidence. I know I may get some Java programmers a little livid but I'm not alone in how I feel. Java has played a huge part in Internet programming and will continue to do so but it has had more then its share of changed directions and general security pitfalls. The direction Java has taken the last  few years have been a little rocky to say the least. Maybe the expanse of the mobile market or maybe other factors but there is no doubt that Oracle needs to take a look at the path Java is on.

The JVM has never been a well behaved citizen in the Internet arena and has always needed help in talking to the back-end, the same goes for C. As technology grows and the wheel and road friction of front-end programming becomes more pronounced MySql will still be there as a problem solver. MySql may have some persistence issues in its front-end communication but you will not see it disappear or replaced. Tools are what make a platform or the lack of is what breaks a platform and MySql is the rich kid on the block when it comes to tools.

Because more emphasis is being placed on the information hand-off and the consistency and speed of that information flow MySql may need to hand off some responsibility to other non-relational type of DB's. The real mechanism to make the transitional flow of information work is going to be with front-end programming advances. Solving the polyglot dilemma is not going to be with changing resources it is going to be with complimenting your existing resources. Keep a close eye on Node.js as a major player in solving the issues with persistence and the polyglot of front-end programming.


by Jim Atkins

Memphis Web Programming

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