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This is a great place to get exposure to your qualifications as a programmer. Because we target the Memphis and Mid-South area you can be sure your resume will get local exposure. Memphis web programmers looking for Memphis web programming jobs will get introduced to Memphis employers and project managers looking for local talent. You can list your qualifications and leave out your personal information when you create the group. You can then allow those who request to join to see your contact info and personal information in a private article you create. Your not limited to any particular format when you create your online resume and you can be as detailed as you wish. You can also show off some HTML skills as you have access to several HTML and CSS tags. You can, of course, just create your resume or Curriculum Vitae as the public group content. You can state if your looking for a full time job or position or if your just looking for a limited time project and the length of time your looking for. Another good aspect of this platform is you can change up the format of your resume to see which style gets the most activity or response.

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