SAK _ Network IP Tool

SAK Network Tool


IP/Base Conversion Input
Input Type DotDecDecHexBin
Entering Improper IP will give incorrect results

class (E means reserved or undetermined)

Net Mask Generator

Enter Class Enter required subnet bits or see below

Hosts Subnets
-2 on subnets if equipment cannot support Subnet-Zero*
This is the Net Mask /

Enter required Hosts or enter required SubNets.
Actual Hosts or SubNets will be returned for Class entered above.
Returned number is first without going over your number. You can
step up by entering a higher number.If you enter too high a host number for
a class than the highest number for class entered will return. Entering too
high a subnet number for a class will error.
*Refer to RFC 950 and RFC 1812 and RFC 1878

Test For Out of Network IP

Source IP Is Valid
Source Mask
Destination IP Is Valid
Detination Mask
Same Network Same SubNetwork

Size of network
number bit field
Size of rest
bit field
of networks
per network
Total addresses
in class
Start addressEnd address
A0824128 (27)16,777,216 (224)2,147,483,648 (231)
B10161616,384 (214)65,536 (216)1,073,741,824 (230)
C1102482,097,152 (221)256 (28)536,870,912 (229)

SAK-NETWORK TOOL by Thedosmann/Jim Atkins Readme


Created on March 15, 2016

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