Web Programming Is A Group Effort

Web programming can be both exciting and foreboding at the same time. Most programmers spend their time chasing bugs in other code and platforms while tying together newly created code with existing code content. While it is good to be excellent in one particular thing, often, in programming you have to work with and consider several platforms to integrate what you’re doing.

Browser compatibility and changes in browser behavior, database platforms, and client OS, are just some of the considerations when creating a web application, site, or page.

 There are a number of programming technologies that are available and most programmers will concentrate or focus on just one or two of them during their programming career. That doesn’t mean some of the other languages don’t come into play from time to time but when they do it’s mostly a matter of dealing with the different syntax and available libraries. This is when it may be necessary to step outside of your comfort zone and ask questions of those who are familiar with the issues of that coding language or platform.

 There is nothing more irritating or, at the same time, liberating from hours of being stuck in a code dilemma then when you discover you should have used ‘@’ instead of ‘$’. Invariably, if you spend enough time programming, you will look over an ‘isset’, forget to add a ‘class’, or omit a needed ‘;’. No matter how many times you look over your code you will still miss that closing ‘)’.

There are programming tools and troubleshooting paths that help in getting to the cause of a lot of code issues but another set of eyes is invaluable. Browser changes and general behavior differences can be frustrating but someone will always know why IE shifts 5 px on that layer and all other browsers position it correctly. Asking questions is not only a good way to solve coding road blocks it is a vital part of being a programmer.

 While asking questions and getting another’s view point is necessary to be a successful programmer it is just as important to return what is given and share your knowledge with others. Sharing your knowledge can be a rewarding experience. I have garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge from others who were willing to share. As with anything you will find those who are more willing to scoff and find fault then to lend-a-hand. Those folks are out there but they are not the majority.

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey to others the actual issue you’re having. There is also a tendency to assume, when explaining the issue; the other party knows exactly what the problem is that you’re having. This is rarely true and often there needs to be few exchanges before a good understanding is established.  The same is true when offering help. Frequently, you find that information you tendered to help was misunderstood. Just remember that clear and concise is the best way to give information and, as when asking for help, the more the better.

Web programming is a group effort that requires several inputs to obtain a desired result. Sometimes those inputs are coded cross-platform so you can get input from a wide array in order to pre-declare all the variables that you may encounter.

by Jim Atkins "thedosmann"

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