Windows 11 - privacy exploits

Just Installed Windows 11

No new revelations yet. But I must mention, it seems MS is giving advertising carte blanche.This is but a glimpse of 2022. Extreme intrusions in our everyday life by some company wanting our attention and trying everything to gain access to our very thoughts, your next big decision, where you are located. We find it funny when a commercial comes on and talks about what we were discussing or another type of intrusion, that follows what you spend money on and graphs your buying habits. This is happening now and we just grin and think how odd. 

Still running 11 and have found little in the way of problems. There was this one odd behaviour. Where a dead rectangle shaped area ~appeared in the middle bottom left in screen area. You couldn't click in it and it also caused other interface issues. Appearettly it is fixed now. We'll see? 

____ update 11-28-2022 ____

On the wholesale buying of user information consider the following.

The average site privacy notice takes 10 minutes to read

The information age has had some serious side-effects. Our information is a bargaining tool for muti-billion-dollar companies to build and grow their data packages. They bid on our information, that was obtained in a covertly, while coercing our acceptance of whatever method is utilized to get us to agree to our information being accessed.  This includes carte blanche access to track us even after we leave their site. We blindly agree to unlimited access to our information by accepting tracking code to be placed on our system. Few people take the time to read the exhausting privacy document.

We often joke and make light of the fact that our private conversations may be recorded and listened to in real time. Hearing commercials or seeing ads about what we just discussed should be alarming, not funny. Companies are making profits by knowing our habits and what we are currently looking to buy or invest in.  Having access to our information allows companies to guide our decisions and influence our thoughts.

This might seem futuristic, but the future is now and what we thought could only be accomplished in some distant reality is unfolding before us. This information sharing goes beyond finances and your buying decisions. There is little in your life that the layers cannot be peeled back on and used or should I say sold.




Jim Atkins



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