Another reason NOT to click

It is a long standing statement of fact that the general internet public is a click happy bunch of folks with little concern or thought for what might be real or not. Currently, coinciding with the cascading avalanche of information on the disaster of Flight MH17, there is an influx of malware, false stories, and spam, permeating the internet.

Beware of what you click on and don't be duped by bold and sensational headlines promising onsite footage or other such nonsense. It is a shame that people exploit tragedies such as this one but it is not surprising.

Determining what is fact or fictional is not rocket science and normally only takes a moment of rational thought. Cybercriminals, devious site owners, and other groups of nefarious people, will take any measure to get you to click or download; don't give them the satisfaction. There are numerous reports of MH17 related activity and security experts are strongly urging caution when clicking on links to stories concerning this tragedy.

by Jim Atkins

Memphis Web Programming

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