New Internet Security Going Forward

Google is pioneering another innovation which may someday replace the need for passwords. The device they are introducing is a pluggable USB device that acts as the authentication mechanism to login. By inserting the device into a USB port and touching it a process is started that authenticates the user through that physical device. 

The possibilities of transferring security to a device that bypasses password input is an incredible step forward in battling the challenging problems with the widespread hacking activity we are seeing in today's internet environment. This process not only eliminates input from being entered that can be captured, it also tackles the long-standing problems of user password creation and periodic password changes. The average user is notorious for creating easily guessable passwords.

A number of the recent hacks that have taken place would not have been possible if this technology where in widespread use. In going forward, this is the most promising path to proactive internet security and also may be used in other areas such as banking.

As in most technology, success is going to be determined by public acceptance and widespread use. To find out more visit this page.

by Jim Atkins 'thedosmann'

Memphis Web Programming

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