Twitter is fighting back

Twitter seems to have taken on a more responsive role in its recent actions by implementing a verification step for Tor users (Tor allows its users to anonymously communicate over the internet) in

twitter fights back

order to cut down on trolling in its messaging system. By requiring Tor users to enter a verifiable phone number, twitter is making more of a statement then enacting an actual measurable engagement against such activity. While this requirement will have little impact it is a giant step forward in taking a stand of opposition in regards to trolling.

Not long ago twitter also decided to cut the accounts of a few thousand known ISIS users that were using the service for spreading propaganda, recruitment, and intelligence communication. This action was more of a warfare move and required some courage on the part of Twitter decision makers. Recent internet posts suggest ISIS has put employees at Twitter on their hit list.

Say what you want about Twitter but just on these two recent moves by Twitter they have gained a huge boost in business integrity and have better positioned themselves in the internet community.

If more large internet services started taking these types of stands against internet and global cyber-crime we might start to see defeats in the criminal and malicious activity on the internet instead of the rampant victories we are so used to hearing about. Maybe the other 'big guys' will take note and learn from Twitter's example of fighting back against the forces that use the internet to spread hate and those that use the vast resources of the web for criminal activities.

by Jim Atkins 'thedosmann'

Memphis Web Programming

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