Groups Guidelines and Rules

 This site has 0 Tolerance on the following 3 points:

  • No profanity
  • No posts or comments that are inflammatory, racial, or that otherwise incite, or demean other users.
  • No posts or comments that solicit illegal activity.

The following guidelines are not exclusive. Other site use policies are located in the groups polices and forums polices and other areas. Links to all site polices are on the help menu links page and top menu.

This site will not encourage or promote or allow any activities that are considered immoral or indecent. Please do not harass other users or make comments that could indicate a form of harassment. 

The  two types of groups that can be created; Private and Public. Public groups will be visible to the public and Private groups will not be visible to the public. In either type only group members can post to the particular group. The group creator will have to approve any member requests or they can also invite and create memberships. Articles posted in the group by group members can be either public( all site users can view the article and all registered site users can comment on the article) or private (only that particular group's members (audience) can view and comment on the article).

Group articles and discussions should be relevent for the site audiance which is web programming. Content in Group articles and discussions should relate to internet, programming, computers, internet technologies, and aspects of coding as it relates to websites, web programs, mobile internet, web servers, and general internet concerns.

Groups can be created to collaborate on web programming projects, ideas, issues, and to enlist or hire web programmers for projects, or positions. Groups can be created to post information related to web programming including news, resumes, or position desired information.

Groups should not be created unless it relates to web programming in some way.   Group content should not contain links to advertisement, or links to other then general audience content (no porn, subversive, illegal, or other content not considered viewable by a broad age group), or links promoting such content.

We reserve the right to add to and amend these rules and guidelines at any time.

This site is not responsible for wrong information given by other users. Memphis Web Programming is not responsible for incorrect information given or represented by users of this site and encourages users responding to or joining groups to be alert to scams and misrepresentation

This site is not responsible for activity considered illegal, inflammatory, racial, or considered as inciting others and this site will ban any such activity immediately as such activity is discovered.

As a user of this site you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines. IP addresses are recorded and site activity monitored. Any user can be deleted from this site at the discretion of site owner at any time.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or if you notice that a user is in violation of site rules please contact us HERE

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