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Because of security only a limited number of attributes are available in the editor interface. Most will be familiar with this but here are a few pointers.

You will notice a drop-down at the bottom of the text box that allows selecting Text or Filtered HTML as formats. With Filtered HTML you will have some formatting options that include spellcheck, tables, lists, indents, and a few font display options. Some in-line css is allowed and you can insert links to off-site images and urls. Please read our site use and other policies before linking  to unapproved content as this may cause your content to be deleted and/or user account deleted. There is a source box available so you can paste pre-formatted html but keep in mind some attributes may be substituted or omitted on saving.

When pre-viewing your display or layout may change if attributes are omitted or substituted during the save process. Always check the source of your content with the 'HTML' source button if you see formatting issues,  the editor may have made some formatting mistakes. It is best, if not manually formatting with the source option, to enter content and then do the formatting with the available editor buttons.

To insert/display raw code simply wrap the code in a 'code' format. You do this manually in the html source by clicking on 'HTML' and editing source by placing '<code>' before the code you wish to display and '</code>' after the code. Or highlight the code you wish to display and click on the format drop-down (beside the smiley face) and choose 'code'.

Example: for (var i = 0; i < Scripts.length; i++) { var path ; if ((path = Scripts[i].src.match(/(.*\/?)matt.might.js/))) { Root = path[1] ; } }

The best way to find out what formatting you can and can't do is to just work with the editor interface, you won't break it and you can always come back and re-edit any comments or content you create. If you have any questions just ask and if you would like to contribute to this group just request membership and add your own article.

If spellcheck seems to hang refresh page and choose language first by clicking on arrow beside the ABC spellcheck button..

If you have issues saving disable the Rich Text located at the bottom left of input box just above the text format option dropdown.


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